HaP Open Day - Snake Game

Today, we've received students from schools and wanted to give them an idea of what we are up to!

This was also an opportunity to get some more recent members more integrated in our activities.

Our presentation is available here, it's a basic slideshow with some of our activities.

The snake game code is available in our git repository.

The members involved in our Open Day were:

We've organized an HaP Day about the conception of an operating system from scratch. We make it easier to come up with interdisciplinary teams due to our variety of members. And sometimes we organize talks. In the future, we hope to come up with a serious hackerspace. Soon we should organize a FLOSS Contest.

Ocurred at 14:20:42h and 16:20:42h in FC6-0.29 (Anf. 2), Department of Computer Science - Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto, 4169-007, Rua do Campo Alegre 1021, Porto . Duration: 10min42